We are bringing yesterday's
trust to today, today's
quality to the future.

Artuklu Yatırım Emlak A.Ş. started its operation in 2016. On the purpose of providing services in real estate investment, housing projects, real estate property and build-and-sell sectors, it was established with the responsibility of being a long-standing 24-year enterprise. With the material and moral support of the great power behind it, it continues its path with a perfection-oriented perspective.

It continues its operation with a focus on excellence, which followed by a great support of material and moral in 2016.

Our Vision

Our goal is to bring our customers together with quality, safe and comfortable living spaces in order to increase customer satisfaction, which is always our priority, to higher levels day by day.

Our Mission

Our main foundation principle is to combine our service standards and modern service approach, which we always care to keep at the highest level, with the highest quality point.


We strive to create standards for
a better life by adding value to
modern life, taking the
lead in the future...
Artuklu Emlak & Yatırım is a Dekinsan Group Company.
Artuklu Yatırım A.Ş

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