Ells Kartal was promoted.

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Ells Kartal, the project of Artuklu Yatırım, was promoted. Artuklu Yatırım stating that they will carry out the project with 60 million TL said, "Our project is a construction of 40 thousand square meters. A project with 320 houses in Kartal-Yakacık, covering the Prince’s Islands and the Sea of Marmara in a panoramic view. Neighbourhood relations are over. In fact, this is was a national problem. Respect and love are over. People flee from each other, especially in the life of the sites. They fear each other and don't even greet each other. This is not in accordance with our customs and traditions as a Turkish nation. We need neighbourhood relations, no matter how high a person's social life is. In a life without neighbourhood relations, it means that society is collapsed. I made it a personal issue. Because I have had the same problems. In particular, our contractors and companies who carry out big projects need to consider this issue and take actions to do so. We thought about how we would do that. We have also implemented this in our other projects. We are doing this in a way that brings a number of activities and people together, helps them to meet each other and educate their children’’.
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